About us

We create experiences for life.

Sports, cultural and leisure events organisation

  • Creating master plans (ground plans, accreditation plans, emergency plans or signage plans for the visitors, etc.),
  • Technical drawings and photorealistic 3D renders,
  • Preparing detailed construction/operation/dismantle phase plans,
  • Construction, operation and dismantle of event-related mobile structures (bleachers, platforms, audio-visual technology, projectors, furniture, decoration, etc.),
  • Creating a full event budget and tool/equipment lists,
  • Implementing access control and accreditation systems.

Event presentation

  • Setting-up and managing audio-visual systems,
  • Creating sound identity and visual choreography,
  • Sound and visual content creation,
  • Providing a team for creative tasks as well as for operating AV technology (director, commentator, DJ, operators, etc.).

Sports Facility Management

  • Drawing up facility management regulations,
  • Creating maintenance plans,
  • Creating renovation phase plans,
  • Monitoring and maintenance of mechanical and electronic systems,
  • Operating facility monitoring systems,
  • Managing general workplace safety and fire safety protocols,
  • Security services,
  • Liaising with the tenants and the users of the facility,
  • Assisting events on behalf of the facility.

Development projects

  • Understanding the needs of the clients,
  • Consultation with engineers,
  • Supervising plans based on the needs of the clients,
  • Project preparation,
  • Preparing technical documentation,
  • Preparing phase plans and organisation plans,
  • Creating 2D and 3D plans,
  • Assisting the implementation phase.